Emdat Mobile Software

Emdat supports dictation and access to our website through a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone and Android apps.

Emdat Mobile

Emdat Mobile is an app available for iPhone and Android devices. Through the app, a physician is able to obtain his patient schedule, perform dictation, and review transcription. Dictations are sent to the Emdat servers via the WiFi or Cellular data network for which the device is configured, allowing dictations to get to the medical transcriptionist or language specialist as quickly as possible. The apps can be downloaded to an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad via the Apple App Store, or to an Android phone or tablet via the Android Marketplace. Documentation for installing and using the applications are at the links below:

InCommand, InQuiry and MT Information for Mobile Devices

Emdat is pleased to offer abbreviated versions of our InCommand and InQuiry applications, as well as a mobile MT app. Mobile sites can be accessed from virtually any device that supports mobile web browsing. Medical facilities can use Mobile InQuiry to manage workflow, MTSO Managers can use Mobile InCommand to manage transcription production and routing, and MTs can use the Mobile MT app to check their job queue. (Note: Accessing the mobile InQuiry and InCommand sites from a desktop PC will reroute users to the desktop versions of these sites).