Hand Held Recorder Installation Instructions

If you are using an Olympus recorder, the installation and configuration process depends on which DSS Player software came with your recorder. Use the table below to find the appropriate Installation Manual for your recorder and software type, which can be located on the software CD that is packaged with your recorder.

Complete List of Emdat Supported Recorders as of August 2015

Some older model recorders are not supported by a 64 bit version of Windows. Check with the recorder manufacturer for compatibility to your system before making a selection.

Recorder Model Original Software Current Software
Olympus DS-2 DSS Player Version 6
Olympus DS-330 DSS Player 2002 DSS Player Pro
Olympus DS-660 DSS Player 2002 DSS Player Pro
Olympus DS-2200 DSS Player Pro
Olympus DS-2300 DSS Player Version 6
Olympus DS-2400 DSS Player Pro
Olympus DS-3000 DSS Player Pro
Olympus DS-3300 DSS Player Pro
Olympus DS-3400 DSS Player Pro
Olympus DS-4000 DSS Player Pro
Olympus DS-5000 DSS Player Pro
Philips 9400i, 9350, 9450, 9600 Emdat InSync Runtime Components
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InSync Software Download

Support is only available for products running on Windows 7 and later operating systems.

One of the steps of installing and configuring your recorder will direct you to download the InSync software, found below.

Version Install Link Manual Version History
6 6.2   Version History

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