InScribe 4.97 Shortcut Keys

Menus Shortcut Keys
Transcription Log Ctrl+L
Test Internet Connection
Explore My Personal InScribe Folder
View QA Feedback Ctrl+Alt+Q
Preview with Template Ctrl+Alt+B
Print Current Transcription Ctrl+P
Exit Alt+F4
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Select All Ctrl+A
Find (in Transcription Text) Shift+Ctrl+F
Find and Replace Shift+Ctrl+H
Toggle Case Ctrl+Alt+U
Delete Left Word Ctrl+Backspace
Delete Right Word Ctrl+Delete
Maximize Editor Size Ctrl+Tab
View Work Pool Shift+Ctrl+P
Show Discrete Data
Reset Panel Widths
Function Keys
Carbon Copies
Discrete Data
Status Bar
New Media Player
Demographices Info
Bold Ctrl+B
Italics Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U
Strike Through
Insert Numbered List
Insert Bulleted List
Horizontal Rule
Left Justify Ctrl+Alt+L
Right Justify Ctrl+Alt+R
Center Ctrl+Alt+C
Full Justify Ctrl+Alt+F
Play from Beginning Shift+Ctrl+Z
Play/Pause Dictation

* Will not pause if Separate Play and Pause Functions is unchecked under the Options menu.
Pause Shift+Ctrl+Q
Rewind Shift+Ctrl+C
Fast Forward Shift+Ctrl+V
Toggle Correction Playback Shift+Ctrl+R
Decrease Playback Rate Shift+Ctrl+,
Increase Playback Rate Shift+Ctrl+.
Set Playback Rate to Normal Shift+Ctrl+]
Mark Index Shift+Ctrl+I
Jump to Index Shift+Ctrl+J
Clear Index Shift+Ctrl+K
Insert Time Ctrl+Alt+T
Additional Actions
Find Patient by Name Ctrl+F
Find Patient by Number Ctrl+N
Dictator Appointment Listing Shift+Ctrl+L
Edit Patient Information Ctrl+Alt+E
Edit Problem List Ctrl+Alt+P
Insert Problem List at Cursor Ctrl+Alt+I
Append/Unappend by Transcription ID Shift+Ctrl+A
Lock Transcription Ctrl+Alt+K
Move up in list

* Ctrl+Up if Use InScribe Classic Shortcuts is checked under the Options menu.
Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow
Move down in list

** Ctrl+Down if Use InScribe Classic Shortcuts is checked under the Options menu.
Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow
Set Cursor Focus on Transcription Alt+;
Check for Existing Transcription
Re-Pool Dictation Ctrl+H
Invalidate Transcription Ctrl+J
Complete (Done) Ctrl+O
Mark for QA Ctrl+Q
Mark for Review Ctrl+W
Next Transcription Shift+Ctrl+Enter
Upload Completed Transcriptions Alt+U
New Transcription Shift+Ctrl+N
Get Prior Transcriptions Shift+F1
Copy Transcription to New Transcription Shift+Ctrl+Y
Copy Dictation to New Transcription Ctrl+Alt+Y
Save Ctrl+S
Count Lines Ctrl+T
Spell Check Ctrl+K
Auto Text Shift+Ctrl+T
Insert Dictator into Transcription

*** Shift+Ctrl+Down if Use InScribe Classic Shortcuts is checked under the Options Menu.
Refresh Dictator List
Attach Selection to Playback Highlighter Ctrl+F12
Use Double-Space After Sentence
Change Playback Highlighter Color
Move Playback to Cursor Shift+Ctrl+F12
Split Transcription at Cursor Ctrl+Alt+S
Insert Line-Break Shift+Enter
Toggle Hidden Text
Toggle Section Ctrl+Alt+H
Toggle Sub-Section Ctrl+Alt+J
Toggle List Ctrl+Alt+V
Indent List
Unindent List
Increase Zoom
Decrease Zoom
Reset Zoom
Goto Next [Field] Ctrl+G
Get Document Template Shift+Ctrl+G
Get Dictation Template Ctrl+Alt+G
Auto-Fill Template Fields
Auto-Fill Template on New Field
Don't Auto-Fill Template on New Field
Prompt to Auto-Fill Template on New Field
Remove Remaining [Fields] Ctrl+[
New Associate Ctrl+Alt+N
Edit Associate Ctrl+E
Delete Associate Ctrl+D
Add TWIMC Associate
Edit Data Field Shift+Ctrl+E
Delete Data Field Shift+Ctrl+D
Add Authorization Ctrl+Alt+A
Remove Authorization Ctrl+Alt+D
Increment Authorization
Decrement Authorization
Move to Comment Ctrl+M
Clear Comment
Backup Personal Files
Restore Personal Files
Open Character Map
Set Date/Time Values
Change Password
Spelling and Typing Options
Set Actions
Advanced Personal Files
Configure a Foot Pedal
Download Dictations on Start up
Stop Downloads for This Session Ctrl+Alt+Z
Prompt to Mark
When in Question
When in Question and Unmarked
Always Check Internet
Auto Save Document
Prompt When High Priority Received
Show Shutdown Confirmation
Get Document Template on Location Change
List Worktypes by Description Ctrl+Alt+X
Use InScribe Classic Shortcuts
Show Field Change Warning
Check Spelling as you Type
Continue Playback after Rew/FF
Separate Play and Pause Functions
Show Single Appointments
Search for Appt When Dictation Loads With Patient Info
Auto-Load First Appointment
Use Global Function Keys
Remove Save Folders
Get Recalled Jobs
Editor Alt+;
Patient ID Alt+I
Patient Name Alt+N
Patient Gender Alt+G
Dictation Date
Order Number Alt+6
Dictator Appointment Listing Alt+R
Doc (Work) Type Alt+W
Location Alt+L
Patient Letter Alt+0
User Field 1 Alt+1
User Field 2 Alt+2
User Field 3 Alt+3
User Field 4 Alt+4
User Field 5 Alt+5
Carbon Copies Alt+C
Authorizations Alt+Z
Comments Alt+Q
Discrete Data
Ratings Ctrl+R
Launch Help in Web-Browser Ctrl+F1
Shortcut Keys
Spell Checker FAQ

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