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Support is only available for products running on Windows XP and later operating systems.

Current Versions
Version Install Link Manual Version History
6 6.5   Version History
4.161 4.161.632   Version History
4.180 4.180.633   Version History

While some end users utilize third party software with InScribe, it is not supported by Emdat. This includes third party audio players which have their own foot pedal and third party word expanders. Please use caution if using any third party software.

InScribe Training Materials
Emdat now provides training files that can be loaded on an InScribe workstation and run locally, using your MT login credentials. To use these files, install the training files from the link below. When you next run InScribe, on the Login screen expand the Options area and check the box to "Login in Training Mode". When in training mode, you will not receive production files and you will be able to use the training files you've installed.
InScribe Training Files
InScribe 6 Training Files
InScribe 4 Training Files
ShadowScribe Training Files
InScribe 6 Practice Drafts Structured
InScribe 6 Practice Drafts Unstructured
InScribe 6 ShadowScribe Edit Training Part 2 Unstructured
NOTE: This course starts with Lesson 9 and goes to Lesson 16. This course is the 2nd half of a 2 part training. Part 1 training is in development and contains Lessons 1 8 which covers typing from scratch in ShadowScribe ASR and will be made available in the future. It is assumed MTs that take this training have typed from scratch on ShadowScribe ASR.

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