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General FAQ

Can Emdat accept external dictations from other dictation systems?

Emdat is designed to accept dictations from a hand-held dictation device or our telephone based system.  Some external dictation systems have the ability to export dictations in a WAV or MP3 format.  In this case, Emdat can accept these dictations.  A one-time development fee may be required to set this up.
How does Emdat charge for dictation and transcription?
Emdat charges are based on a per line basis.  All applications are included in the per line fee.  The per line fees are paid monthly.  The price varies 1/2 cent depending on volume.  Please contact us for more pricing information.
Which hand-held recorders are supported by Emdat?
Emdat currently supports these recorders for use with the InSync application. Emdat continuously reviews new recorders for further compatibility. InSync can accept DSS, MP3, MSV, SRI, WAV, and WMA audio file formats. For more information on these audio formats click here.
Does Emdat have Dial-Up Dictation?
Emdat provides telephone based dictation systems ranging in size from 4 to 96 ports.  
How long are clients able to view their transcription and listen to their dictation on-line through a web browser?
Emdat stores all transcription files on-line for as long as a medical facility or transcription company uses our software.  Clients are able to search and view transcriptions instantly whether the transcription is 30 days old or 3 years old. Dictation files are kept for 30 days after a transcription has been completed.  Clients may listen to this dictation through their web browser.  We archive all dictation files after 30 days.  Emdat charges a fee to retrieve any archived dictations.
We have our own dictation system.  Can we use Emdat?
Emdat can be used with dial-up dictation systems but the process is not integrated.  Transcriptionists listen to the dictation through the telephone line while transcribing into Emdat.  All telephone costs incurred through the use of the dictation system is the responsibility of the client.In most cases, by simply eliminating your current dictations system and the annual maintenance, Emdat will pay for itself.  Most dictation or transcription systems have an annual maintenance.  Emdat charges are usually well below the annual maintenance of most dictation systems.  With Emdat, the software is always kept up to date and you pay NO MAINTENANCE FEES.
Can I use my Sony or Olympus hand-held recorders with Emdat?
Emdat currently does not support Sony hand-held recorders.  Emdat does support these recorders and WAV files.
How do I get started using Emdat?
Contact Emdat regarding pricing.  Once the pricing has been reviewed and accepted, Emdat will begin building the client. (as a transcription company or medical facility).

InSync FAQ

What is InSync and what is it used for?

Emdat InSync is part of our integrated solution.  This small program resides on the physician or office staff PC.  The program runs within the Windows System Tray located in the lower right of your screen (next to the time).  Attached to the PC is a cable that allows you to dock any Emdat supported recorder.  Once docked, the software immediately recognizes the recorder (no user intervention) and begins downloading the dictations to the PC.  Once downloaded, the files are compressed, encrypted and transferred to the Emdat Servers for immediate transcription by your transcriptionists.  All dictations uploaded are recorded in a log and can be viewed anytime.
Do I need anything special on my PC to use InSync?
InSync will run on any windows operating system that is at least Windows Vista or higher.  If your PC is in a corporate environment that uses Firewalls or Proxy Servers, Emdat requires that certain TCP/IP ports  be opened to www.emdat.com.  Contact Emdat for a listing of these ports.
I connect my recorder to the docking cable and nothing happens.  What can I do?
Emdat InSync can be set to where each time a PC is turned on, the application automatically starts.  If you plug in your recorder and nothing happens, please verify that the recorder icon is located in the Windows System Tray (bottom right of screen next to the time).  If the recorder is there, please close the application by right-clicking on the recorder icon and select exit. Once InSync has successfully closed down, please start the application again.  If you have other USB devices connected to your computer, such as a palm pilot, please disconnect the devices and try starting InSync again. Sometimes, workstations have software that use the same serial port as InSync.  By restarting the application, this will usually inform you if there is a conflict.  If the above fails, please restart your computer and start InSync first.  If it works then, you probably have an application on your workstation that is conflicting with the serial port that InSync is trying to use.
Where can I get the InSync software to load on my workstation?
Emdat InSync and Emdat InScribe applications can be downloaded from the Emdat web site.  To access this page of the web site, please visit www.emdat.com/software.  Always download the Full Install if you are using the software on your workstation for the first time.  In order to use our software, follow the directions on our web page and you will also need an ID which can be obtained through your system administrator or Emdat.
Do I have to have a license for the Emdat software each time I download it?
Emdat software only works with the Emdat servers.  As a transcription company or medical facility that is a client of Emdat, you are free to download the software as many times for as many workstations necessary to satisfy your clients.  Emdat does not charge per seat for software.  Everything is included in our per line costs.
How do I setup InSync for the 1st time on a client workstation?
In the InSync Manual are directions on how to download and install InSync for the first time.  You will need an active username and password to utilize the software and set it up completely. Click here to find the InSync Manual.

InScribe FAQ

What is InScribe and what is it used for?

InScribe is the transcription application used within the Emdat Suite of applications.  InScribe is included in the per line fee.  InScribe has a built-in expander, demographic lookup capabilities, referring physician address capabilities, and many more features that allow the transcriptionist to transcribe documents quickly, efficiently and with little training.
What do I need in order to run InScribe?
In order to run InScribe (transcription application), the workstation requires Windows Vista or higher, Windows Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Windows Media Player 7 or higher.  The workstation requires a sound card and Internet connectivity.
Can I transfer the dictation from InScribe to another transcription system?
InScribe is part of a totally integrated solution.  All dictations come to a transcriptionist automatically and are tracked accordingly.  To take a dictation from InScribe and use it in another transcription program eliminates the integration, thus eliminating some of the tracking mechanisms built in.  When a dictation is downloaded to a transcriptionist workstation, it is decrypted automatically and converted to an .MP3 file.   It is strongly suggested that the files be used within Emdat.  Emdat will not support any export of dictations outside of the Emdat InScribe application.
Can I have multiple levels of QA for my transcriptions?
Emdat is designed to allow for an unlimited number of QA levels.  This is setup by the transcription or medical facility for each client (medical facility) and can be changed at any time during the process.  Emdat allows for required QA and optional QA.  This can be set by the system administrator of the transcription company or medical facility.
Where can I get the InScribe application?
The InScribe application can be downloaded at www.emdat.com/software. The software requires a username and password and will only work with the Emdat integrated applications.  To install and use the InScribe application, follow the instructions in the InScribe Manual.
Do I need a separate license each time I download the software?
Emdat licenses the InScribe software through its fee per line.  All clients currently using Emdat are allowed to use the software on as many workstations as necessary.  There is no additional charges or seat license required.

InQuiry FAQ

What do clients (medical facilities)  need in order to use the InQuiry application?

The InQuiry application requires Internet Explorer 9 or higher in order to run properly.  We strongly recommend Internet Explorer 9 or higher to realize the full functionality of our application such as Print Preview and Automatic Page Layout (no single line on the last page).  InQuiry does not work and is not supported with Netscape.
What type of Internet connection are clients required to have in order to use InQuiry?
A client can run on any type of Internet connection.  Dial-up connections such as AOL or MSN will be slow and could frustrate your medical facility staff members.  Emdat strongly suggests some type of high speed connection such as ISDN, DSL or Cable.  If a facility has dedicated Internet connectivity within the network, users can utilize that connection to access Emdat.
Do I need any software on my workstation in order to use InQuiry besides Internet Explorer?
Emdat will automatically install an Active-X component the first time you use the application on a workstation.  When prompted, the user should answer "Yes" to download and "Accept" to accept the license.  Once this component is on the workstation, the user will not be prompted again.  This is done automatically by the InQuiry application.
Is there an InQuiry Manual that can be downloaded?
The InQuiry manual is on-line within the application.  Users only need to click the "Help" link to get page specific information.

Technical FAQ

Are there any special technical requirements to use the Emdat application?

Emdat uses specific TCP/IP ports to communicate with each workstation.  All conversations between the workstation and the Emdat servers are initiated by the client workstation.  Emdat is not an intrusive application that requires firewall access from our servers. Emdat InSync and Emdat InScribe simply require firewalls and proxy servers to open 4 TCP/IP ports for messaging between the client workstation and the Emdat servers.  Emdat also does automatic updates of its software each time a client logs in.  In order to check versions on our server, the client workstation must have access to port 80 which allows them to browse the World Wide Web.  If you wish this to be restricted, you may open port 80 directly to www.emdat.com so users do not have the ability to browse the web.   Listed below is a brief description of how each port is used. 1st Port - Encrypted messages are sent between the client to the server on this port. The server answers each message with command results or at least an acknowledgement over this port. 2nd Port - Compressed encrypted dictation files are uploaded to the server from the client over this port. 3rd Port - Compressed encrypted transcription files are downloaded from the server to the client over this port. 4th Port - Encrypted debugging messages are sent over this port when the need arises (seldom used).
How does Emdat ensure that dictations are not lost during interruptions that may occur during a transfer of dictations?
Emdat has many precautions that are taken to ensure the security of each and every dictation.  When a recorder is docked to a workstation, InSync verifies that the recorder is valid, then transfers the first dictation to the local workstation.  Once transferred, InSync verifies the file name and size of the dictation on the workstation to the dictation on the recorder.  Once verification is complete, the dictation is removed from the recorder.  This sequence is repeated for as many dictations are on the recorder. Once all dictations have been transferred to the workstation, InSync compresses and encrypts the dictations to ready them for transfer through the Internet to the Emdat servers.  All dictations remain on the local workstation for 14 days as a backup.  The transfer to the server is very similar to the transfer from the recorder to the workstation.  Verifications take place, but the dictations are not removed from the workstation for 14 days.   They are kept on the workstation encrypted.  A dictation log is kept for the user to verify that all dictations have been successfully sent to Emdat.In the event of an Internet interruption, InSync will notify the user of this interruption and allow them to retransmit the files.  During this process, InSync verifies that no dictations are duplicated or removed from the local workstation.