Technical Information For IT Department
This page is designed for IT Personnel and is intended to provide the essential technical information for Emdat products and also help facilitate the distribution of Emdat Software and releases.
All users of Emdat are now required to install the Emdat Components.
Please keep in mind that the upgrade that Emdat is requiring is designed to happen automatically on a PC and requires no manual downloads. In the event you experience issues, you can use this page to provide insight to resolve any technical issues.
Emdat Upgrade Component
Emdat has introduced new Software Update Services to provide automatic and seamless system upgrades for future software releases. Once these services are in place, all future updates will be delivered using Microsoft's Windows Installer Version 2 packages (.MSI) and will not require administrative rights to install under limited user accounts. This upgrade will appear in the form of a message on the InQuiry login page with a "click here" link to download and install the upgrade component. After the installation, the InQuiry login page will refresh and the upgrade message will not be present.

Once the Emdat Upgrade Component has been installed, administrative rights are no longer required under any operating system. Installation of .MSI packages should be enabled for user accounts. While this is the default setting, it may be restricted using the Group Policy for a local machine or centrally for the domain. More information on how to configure the Group Policy will be provided.

If the component must be removed, you can do so by going to Add/Remove programs. The component will be listed as EmdatTrustedSite.exe for Windows XP and Windows 2000 or Upgrader.exe on Windows NT and Windows 98.

Please note: The Windows Installer 2.0 (MSI) may be absent on Windows 9X, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 or lower.
Behavior of the Upgrade Component for each OS
Windows 98 Second Edition 
The upgrade component will install on a Windows 98 SE computer but may require Microsoft Windows Installer Version 2.0. (MSI) Windows 98 comes with version 1.0 and the Emdat software will automatically upgrade version 1.0 to version 2.0 upon installation of the Emdat Upgrade Component located on the login page of InQuiry. In the event you wish to manually install Microsoft Windows Installer Version 2.0 (MSI), please click here to download the executable which can be used in a login script for network logins.
Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6 
The upgrade component CANNOT be installed without Administrative access. In cases where Windows Installer Version 2.0 (MSI) is absent on the target PC, it will be downloaded and installed automatically (with an option to decline). If you wish to use the MSI Package to install the upgrade component through a login script (upon network login), please click here If you wish the upgrader to be installed in the form of an exe please click here.
Windows 2000 
The upgrade component should install without any issues. However, if you are experiencing technical problems with either the MSI installer or the Upgrader component, then click here to install the MSI installer and click here to install the EmdatComponents.exe component.
Windows XP SP1 
The upgrade component should install without any issues. To install the Upgrader component manually click here.
Microsoft Windows Installer Version 2.0. (MSI) already comes installed with XP and therefore there is no link to manually install it.
Windows XP SP2 
A user will not be allowed to log in to InQuiry unless they have installed the Upgrader component. After successful installation, the login screen will refresh and the user can login. To install the EmdatComponents.exe component manually click here.
Microsoft Windows Installer Version 2.0. (MSI) already comes installed with XP and therefore there is no link to manually install it.
Below are several links providing you with the actual files that are included in this upgrade.  Please remember, that these links are only designed to be used in the event you wish to deploy the upgrade manually (through a login script) or if you are having issues with a particular part of the upgrade.


WINDOWS MSI INSTALLER VERSION 2.0 (required for upgrade to install)
Use these links below if you are having trouble installing the MSI installer from the log in page or if you use the Group Policies and need to configure them manually.
Windows 9x
Windows NT/2000
This link will install a fix to make a trusted site on a user's computer. This will allow Internet Explorer to download Emdat's HTML editor which is required for users to edit transcriptions.
Emdat Components
In the event the Emdat Updater does not install the latest components (InQuiry HTML Editor and Printing Behavior), the Emdat runtime components installation package can be run from
EMDAT XPSP2 - Only for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed
This is similar to EMDAT TRUSTED SITE but also modifies Internet Explorer's security zone settings.
Terminal Server
Because MSI installations are disabled for Terminal Server users, administrators should visit this page and follow the instructions to install the Emdat components as shared for all users.
Proxy Servers
If you have a proxy server or are experiencing proxy server issues while trying to update the Emdat components, please install the updater component from the location below because it is designed to address proxy server installation issues for Emdat. Please note that this upgrade component is designed to handle multiple installation scenarios and is also used for Emdat component installations on Terminal Servers.

Trouble Shooting Section

InQuiry fix for blank transcription viewer issue on Windows NT4
This patch fixes the problem where users of both InQuiry and InScribe 4.3.194 experience a blank transcription viewer in InQuiry on Windows NT 4.0 only. If this problem is experienced then click on the link below to install the fix.
Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 users: InQuiry and InCommand fix for missing editor window.
Microsoft has recently released an Internet Explorer ActiveX update: This update will cause the HTML editor, in both InQuiry and InCommand, not to load properly when editing a transcription, document, or dictation template. When the web page loads, an empty box will display where the HTML editor would load. To use the HTML editor, a user would need to click on the empty box to load the HTML editor and then need to either press the ENTER key or the SPACE BAR to activate it. This patch below resolves this issue:
In case of difficulties, please call our help desk at 608-270-6400.