Watermark Is Not Appearing on Prints

This article will explain a solution to the problem in Internet Explorer where the appropriate watermark is not appearing on the Printout or Print Preview and Print Selected and Print All. Watermarks typically appear when files are printed before they have been completed by the clinician or when an additional copy is made. If there is a watermark that should print, it will be visible in the transcription viewer when reading a transcription (but not in the editor).

Please see the picture below for an example of the "Preliminary" watermark that appears on transcriptions before they are authenticated. It is light gray, diagonal text which appears under the transcription text (text has been marked through in image).


Install the latest version of the Nuance Components found here: http://www.emdat.com/runtime/EmdatComponents.exe

Print Preview and Individual Print

If this watermark is supposed to appear, but is not on the actual print out or within print preview, there is a setting in Internet Explorer that will solve the problem.

Try the printing or print preview again. If there is still a problem do the following:

1. In Internet Explorer click on the File Menu and select Page Setup. If you do not see the File Menu at the top of the window, pressing Alt+F should open it.

2. In the Page Setup window, click the option pictured below and then click OK.

IE8 printbg2.jpg

The watermark will now show when printed individually or print previewed.

Print Selected and Print All

If the watermark is not showing when using the Print All or Print Selected buttons (shown below), there is a setting in Internet Explorer that will solve the problem.

Printselected all.jpg

1. In internet explorer click on the Tools Menu and select Internet Options, shown below:

Intopt IE8.jpg

2.Select the Advanced Tab and scroll down in the settings to the option: Printing > Print Background Colors and Images, and then press OK.

Print background IE8.jpg

The watermark will now show when printed using the Print All and Print Selected buttons.