Viewing TID Line Counts In InCommand

The display of the Line Count in the InCommand Info Screen is not activated by default. To activate this feature two requirements must be met. First the InCommand user must have access to reports, and secondly the user must have access to the Net Profit report specifically. These privileges are enabled in the Transcriptionist section of the InCommand Maintenance tab.

003 linecount 01.jpg

To activate the Line Count section begin by logging into InCommand and navigating to the Transcriptionists section. Select the user that you would like to modify and Edit the Setup for that user. Open the section named "InCommand Security Roles" and check the box for Reports.

003 linecount 02.jpg

Next, with the user still selected, click on the option to View Reports Access for the user.

003 linecount 03.jpg

Open the section for Production Reports and check the box for Net Profit report. This will enable the Line Count section in the InCommand Info pane.

003 linecount 04.jpg