Using ShadowLink To Access Network File Systems

Whether it is to pull patient or associate files or to deposit export files, ShadowLink can be used to access networked locations on a client system. By default, the ShadowLink service installs with access only to the local system, but the following instructions will help you give ShadowLink the ability to access network paths.

1. Enter the Windows Control Panel (Start, Settings, Control Panel)

Control Panel.jpg

2. Double-click "Administrative Tools" (On Vista, first click "Classic View")

Admin Tools XP.jpg

3. Double-click "Services"


4. Double-click "ShadowLink Client" in the Services list


5. Click on the "Log On" tab


6. Click on the "This Account" radio button


7. Enter the network login and password you wish to use to access the network       resources


8. Press apply.  It should state the account was granted logon access.

9. Right click "ShadowLink Client" in the Services list, click restart to complete the process.