Upgrading From InSync 4 to InSync 5

If you are currently using InSync 4, and are not using the "choose client" feature of InSync 4 (this is unusual) then an upgrade to InSync 5 is recommended. InSync 5 has a number of new features that make its ability to connect to Emdat servers more reliable, and it will not freeze up when given large files created by accidentally leaving the recorder on overnight, or over entire weekends.

However, installing InSync 5 will not remove the InSync 4 program, and it needs to be manually removed after InSync 5 is installed. This article shows how to manually remove InSync 4, and configure recorders so they will work with InSync 5 after the installation is done.

Install InSync 5

To install InSync 5 go to the software page and download and run the most recent version of InSync. Unless instructed otherwise, accept all of the defaults for the installation of InSync 5.

Uninstall InSync 4

To uninstall InSync 4 open the start menu, and then open the Control Panel. Click on the "Uninstall a Program" link or double-click on the "Programs and Features" icon. Find the entry for "Emdat InSync 4.xxx" and click on it. An "Uninstall" button will appear at the top of the list of programs. Click on the Uninstall button to remove the program. Do not remove the "Emdat InSync 4 installation files" from the computer, just in case it is necessary to go back to the older version of the program.

Configure Recorders for InSync 5

The first time that a recorder is plugged into a computer after InSync 5 is installed on it, there will be a prompt for a Username, Password, and Client Code. Enter the InQuiry Username, Password, and Client Code of the person who uses the recorder, or someone that has the right to look at that person's work in InQuiry. If the recorder was already configured under InSync 4, InSync 5 will attempt to preserve the settings already there. InSync 5 may prompt to choose the user of the recorder, document types, and upload settings, which should be self-explanatory.

This only needs to be done once. After the recorder is configured, when the recorder is plugged in dictations will automatically upload just the same as they did with InSync 4.

Optional: Remove Olympus Software

InSync 5 comes bundled with the drivers needed to communicate with Olympus recorders, and unlike InSync 4, it is no longer nessesary to have the Olympus software installed on the computer. If there have been problems with the Olympus Device Detector grabbing dictations instead of InSync in the past, it is a good idea to remove the Olympus software.