Unable to Expand InstantText Entries of 7 or More Words

Many transcriptionists connect their own third-party word expander programs to work with the InScribe platform. A popular third-party expander program is Instant Text. While it should have no trouble connecting with InScribe to expand the shorthand entries typed by the transcriptionist, some users have reported not being able to expand entries that contain seven or more words - instead of expanding, the entire shorthand version of the entry gets deleted from the InScribe editor.

If a transcriptionist reports this issue, please check to see if the user has Webroot Secure Anywhere as their anti-virus software. If so, here are the steps to resolve the word expander issue.

1. Open Webroot Secure Anywhere's Status Window

Right-click on the Webroot Secure Anywhere icon in the system tray (found on the bottom right hand side of the screen, near the system clock), and choose the "View Status" option.


2. Go to the Identity Protection section

Once in the Status window, click on the gear icon next to Identity Protection.


3. Allow Instant Text and InScribe in Application Protection

In Identity Protection, click on the Application Protection tab at the top of the window.

In Application Protection, make sure to select the Allow radio button for any application that includes Instant Text or InScribe in the application name.


After InScribe and Instant Text are "allowed" in Application Protection, Instant Text entries containing 7 or more words will expand in the InScribe editor with no issues.