Unable To Play Audio Files in InQuiry or InCommand

If you're unable to play audio files through the InCommand or InQuiry a Pop-Up blocker may be stopping the Windows Media Player from launching and playing the audio file. The following article is a potential solution to this issue.


There are many pop-up blockers available to end users, and it is not possible to list them all, but they are included in many Antivirus programs and suites such as Norton Internet Security and McAfee Internet Security. The toolbars of many favorite search engines including Yahoo and Google have their own independent blockers. Additionally, Internet Explorer has its own built in Pop-Up blocker.


To test to see if the Windows Media Player is being stopped by most Pop-Up blockers, hold down the CTRL key and click the play button at the same time. If the audio file launches properly while holding the CTRL button one of your add-ons or Security Programs is preventing Windows Media Player from launching normally. You will need to determine what pop-up blocker is installed and adjust it to allow the player to open.