Troubleshooting ShadowScribe Template Issues

Here are some best practices for troubleshooting ShadowScribe Template Issues.

Problem: Canned text not appearing.

Possible Solutions: Action set to replace or the Merge logic set to “dictated”.

Problem: ROS subsections ending up in PE, or sections getting out of order.

Possible Solution: Make sure both an ROS and PE are defined in the template, with subsections for each.

Problem: Out of order sections

Possible Solution: Main Parent section with Child subsections, Children subsections required, but parent is not. This allows for other sections to move parent, if dictated before parent.

Problem: Title suddenly switches to different title.

Possible Solution: Make sure an existing title did not get renamed in the Setup MTSO sections.

Problem: Title not appearing in draft even though it’s marked required.

Possible Solution: Make sure you set the section visibility to “Section should display if there is no content”.

Problem: Subsections appearing as main sections

Possible Solution: Make sure you have define the subsections in the templates.