Trimming Audio Files Using The Olympus Dictation Module

InSync has a maximum file size that it can send to the Nuance servers. This file size varies depending on the speed of the internet connection, but a file size of 20 mb will typically upload correctly. Files over this size can potentially block up the upload process preventing any audio files from reaching the Nuance servers and being transcribed. When this happens, it is often a result of the recorder having been accidentally left running and recording. This portion of the dictation that is blank, and creating an unneccesarily large file can be trimmed using the Olympus software installed with supported Olympus recorders.

When a large audio file is stuck, InSync will often report trouble connecting to the internet with an error message, "Unable to connect to server."

To resolve this, navigate to the folder that contains the unsent audio files.

InSync4: %appdata%\EMDAT\InSync\DIC\NEW

012 audio 003.jpg

Windows Vista and Windows 7 user can use the search bar and Windows XP users can use the run command line to reach the folder quickly.

InSync5: If you are presented with a message that a file exceeds the upload limit, and you select not to upload, the audio file should remain in the file structure of the recorder. It can be found and trimmed there using the instructions below.

If you choose to upload anyway, the audio files will become encrypted when they are stored on the desktop so you cannot use this method after InSync begins the upload process. However, the upload process will usually not get "stuck" on large files so this process is not needed.

Open the Dictation Module installed from the Olympus software.

012 audio 004.jpg

Click and drag the file to a folder in the Download tray.

Select the "Edit Dictation" button.

012 audio 006.jpg

Select the point to begin deletion and press the Start Partial Erase button.

012 auido 007.jpg

Select the point to end deletion. The section highlighted with both blue and red bars will be removed from the file.

012 audio 008.jpg

Click the Finish button to save changes.

012 audio 009.jpg

InSync4: Click and drag the cropped file back to the DIC\NEW folder.

Send waiting files to upload the file.

InSync5: Click and drag the cropped file onto the recorder, then just dock the recorder again.

012 audio 010.jpg