Transcription Viewer Does Not Display Changes Made With The Editor

If you can make and save changes in the editor, but cannot see the changes you have made with the viewer, or when printing, there may be some bad formatting tags present in the body of the document. These bad formatting tags can be removed by following this article.

Formatting tags control things like bold text, margins, and other changes that affect the documents appearance. The InQuiry editor is very simple, and does not use many of the formatting tags that other programs do, and when these formatting tags are introduced to the document, it may cause strange formatting issues like disappearing text, or strange margins. Formatting tags can be introduced into the document by using the Copy/Paste procedure to bring text from another application into InQuiry or InScribe.

To repair this error, copy all of the text in the body of the document into Microsoft Word to preserve a copy of the formatting. Additionally, copy the entire body of the document into Notepad. Highlight the text you want to keep. CTRL+C will copy and CTRL+V to paste.


Remove all of the text, including spaces and line breaks, from the InQuiry editor. Copy the body of the dictation from Notepad back to the InQuiry Editor. It is important to copy the text from Notepad, and not from Word or the Formatting tags will be copied back into the transcription, and the problem will persist. Use the copy of the document in Word as a reference to reproduce any desired formatting (such as bold or Ordered Lists) and save your document. Verify that the document appears correctly in the viewer.