Transcription Priority Explanation

This article will discuss how a Transcription ID (TID) is prioritized and how it can be seen sooner in a Medical Transcriptionist’s (MT) pool.  This is very critical in making sure that certain Turnaround Times (TAT) are met and an aid in helping to create MT pools that will be effective in doing this.

The priority of a TID is based on:  (from highest to lowest)

  1. Jobs manually assigned to the MT in the order they are assigned.
  2. Pool Priority.
  3. Job Priority.
  4. Due In Time.

Jobs manually assigned:  This is done in InCommand by a user with InCommand privileges to assign TIDs to MTs.  The procedure for this is located at:

Pool Priority:  This is located under Maintenance>Transcriptionists>(MT’s user name)>Modify Clients and Pools for  (MT’s user name)>”The transcriptionist currently types for the following pools” select Pool name>Priority


To add a pool to an MT, please see the procedure located at:

Job Priority:  The Job Priority can be seen under the Management Tab > Outstanding Jobs. Both the Job Priority (hightlighted in yellow) and the Due In Time (outlined in red) are easily seen.


The document type can be set to a higher priority under Client Maintenance>Document Types>(select the document type)>Edit>Pricing and Priority


Also, a person with InCommand privileges can make a TID STAT.  The procedure to do this can be located at:

A person with InQuiry privileges can make a TID STAT.  The procedures to do this can be located at:

Due In Time:  This is controlled in a few different areas.

  1. Client Defaults.  This is under Client Maintenance>Workflow>Client Defaults>Non-Workflow Settings under Turnaround Time.  This is the global setting for turnaround time (TAT) between when Nuance receives the dictation to when the Transcription is delivered.
  2. Document Type.  Client Maintenance>Maintenance>Document Types>Edit Document type>Document Type Information.  Enter the number hours for the acceptable TAT or leave at zero to keep the TAT from the Client’s Default TAT.
  3. Hours of Operation.  Client Maintenance>Advanced Maintenance>Hours & Holidays