Transcription Is Locked And Will Not Upload

This article will discuss how to unlock a transcription so that you can deliver it to the client or send it to QA.

Transcriptions are typically locked when an MT wants to ensure that an incomplete job will not upload even if she marks it as Done. However, sometimes a transcription is inadvertantly locked because the wrong key press combination was used.

For whatever reason a transcription has become locked, this article will show how to identify it and unlock it.

How to Identify If a Transcription Is Locked

If a transcription is locked, it will have a "Lock" icon in the bottom right of the list of TIDs to be worked on:

Locked Transcription InScribe.jpg

How to Unlock a Transcription

There are two main ways to unlock a transcription.

Menu Lock Transcription.jpg

After unlocking the transcription, you should be able to send it as normal (Mark as Done if not already, then press Next or Upload Completed Transcriptions).