The Olympus DS-5000 Method For Selecting Document Types

The DS-5000 supports a new method for selecting the document type attached to a new dictation. This method was first introduced with the Philips recorders and has been recently expanded into the newest Olympus recorders.

Previously a dictator would name the folders on a recorder to specify the desired document type. This forces the user to specify exactly 5 document types. If the user configures less than this number, extra folders will still be present on the recorder that go unmapped. Recording dictations in these unmapped folders may have undesired results.

InSync no longer places meaning on the folder that a dictation is recorded to on the DS-5000. Instead, when starting a new dictation, the user is presented with the list of document types that have been configured for the recorder. This list contains only the user's choices, and is not limited to 5 items as with previous Olympus recorders. The user is forced to select a document type prior to dictating, which should eliminate issues where the user forgets which folder is currently active.

The user is free to use the Olympus software to rename the 5 folders without interfering with InSync, but they will still need to select the correct document type.