Text Or Margins Are Too Big Small In Print Preview And Printout Of Transcriptions

This article will discuss a common cause of an error in printing where Transcriptions have larger or smaller than normal text or margins.

If the text size looks correct when you view the Transcription but looks incorrect when you print the document or view it with the preview button do the following:

1. While viewing the Transcription, press the Preview button at the top of the window shown below:


A new window will open showing the document with the margins and any header and footer information that might have been added into the Print Template. This window is the print preview window and shows how the document will look when it is on paper.

2. Press and hold the Ctrl key and use the Scroll Wheel on your mouse. While holding the Ctrl key scroll down to decrease the font size and up to increase it.

The Ctrl-Scroll is a zooming feature on many documents, but in the Print Preview window it can cause problems such as incorrect sizing issues with text and margins.

Performing this procedure should allow you to undo any accidental changes that might have been made previously using this key combination that caused the incorrect sizing.