Sound Bar In InScribe Will Not Stay When I Manually Move It

This article addresses the problem in InScribe when an MT wants to manually move the sound bar to a specific time or just move to a different point in the dictation but the cursor in the sound bar will not stay put. The cursor will either jump to the end to be very sporadic in where it stops. This can occur in the classic view or the normal view of version v4.96 or later of InScribe. This is how the two views of the sound bar look:

Classic view: This is how the classic view of the sound bar appears and is located towards the bottom of the InScribe page.

Classic bar.jpg

New Version view: This is how the normal mode appears and is located on the upper part of the InScribe screen.

New bar.jpg

The fix is located on the log-in screen of InScribe.

1. Log out of InScribe if you are still logged in.

2. Start the InScribe log in procedure but do not enter your password yet.

3. Go to the Options Tab located below the Company Code and select it.

4. Using the drop down arrow on the player list, select "Windows Media Player 7 or later" and select Reg MS Media as shown below:

Article Media 7.jpg

This will be followed by a message saying the registration was successful - Click OK on it.

6. Log into InScribe and test it out.

7. If this does not correct the issue, please submit a ticket via or call our help desk.