ShadowPrint Communication Fix

As of 12/7/2011 Nuance has altered the Endpoint Address of the Shadow Print service. In order for the service to run two configuration files must be altered to reflect this. Although the service may appear to be running, users attempting to login will receive a Communication Error. This is an advanced repair, if you require assistance please contact the Nuance helpdesk at 608-270-6400 x1 or

014 SP 001a.jpg

To resolve Stop the Shadow Print Service if it is still running.

Locate the Program Files directory for Shadow Print:

C:\Program Files\EMDAT\ShadowPrint

014 SP 003.jpg

Locate the files "Shadowprint.Client.Configuration.exe" and "Shadowprint.Client.Service.exe." These files will either be XML Configuration files or CONFIG Files depending on your PC setup.

014 SP 004.jpg

Edit the ShadowPrint.Client.Configuration.exe

Locate the value for endpoint address and change the value from to

014 SP 005.jpg

Edit the ShadowPrint.Client.Service.exe

Locate the value for endpoint addres and change the value from to