ShadowLink Info

Nuance has many different formats in which we can interface with other systems. We use an application called ShadowLink as a connection point between systems. ShadowLink is a interfacing service that we would have you install on a system on your end, and facilitates the transfer of information between systems. ShadowLink would be configured for your client, and connects to our server over the internet, using a standard SSL encrypted connection.

ShadowLink makes this connection to our server, authenticates based on login information that you will be provided, and then passes information between the two systems in the format we define.

For a demographic, scheduling or order interface, we can interface in two ways. We can listen on a socket for an incoming HL/7 message, and parse out of that message the data that we need. We can also watch for a file or folder containing a text or comma-separated-value (CSV) file containing a batch of a day's patient information. This file would be transferred up to our server and parsed into the database.

For a transcription interface, we can easily provide data in a variety of formats. We support PDF, Word, HTML, XML and HL/7 (to name a few), as well as other custom formats that can be designed if your system requires it.

Files sent can be named in any way that is convenient for you, or in such a way that your system can link it to the patient record in your EMR.

Basically, once the transcription is completed on our system, we would generate a file formatted as you require, and then ShadowLink would download automatically, and either deposit the document into a directory of your choice, or forward it over a listening socket as an HL/7 message to a system on your end.

Feel free to look at On this site, you can click "Forms & Documentation", and then "Export Examples" to see samples of ways we can export. This is not a full list, but should give you an idea of the options that are available.


If you are interested in setting up a export, please fill out a ticket at Our export team will contact you back to assist with setting the export up with you.