Settings To Check If The Line Counts Do Not Match

This article will outline how to check that Clients and their relationships are set correctly for line counting. The following steps will take you through the Client defaults and relationship settings to show you where the settings that affect the line count are located. If these settings are not consistent, you could see mismatched results in Reports such as Client Production and Outsourced To.

There are two options for Line Count.

65 Character Line Count. If this is checked, then the client is billed at every 65 characters equals 1 line. If it is unchecked, then the client is billed at the Basic Rate, which is every hard return (pressing the Enter key) will count as a line.

1) Edit the Client Defaults and expand the Non-Workflow Settings section. Make sure the Character Counting Type is set correctly.

Line count-.5.jpg

2) Edit the Direct Client Relationship

Line count-1.jpg Line count-1.5.jpg

3) Select the Client, and then Edit Relationship

Line count-2.jpg

4) Expand the Rate Information Tab

Line count-3.jpg

Next, we want to look at the Outsourced relationship if applicable

Line count-4.jpg

First, select Outsourced Work and Maintenance, then select the Client you want to work with as shown below

Line count-5.jpg

Expand the Rate Information section and verify it is set correctly

Line count 6.jpg Line count 6.jpg