Setting Up Document Security

This article will help in setting up and modifying a Client's document security settings. Some of the reasons that a Client would elect to set up document security groups are:

1. To setup Document Security, go into the Client Maintenance and select "Document Security under the drop down for Maintenance. The screen should look like this:


2. Select Add New Document Type Security Group

3. Fill out the Group Name. ( See below )


4. Plan out and make as many different Document Type Security Groups as needed by repeating the process.

5. View/Edit Document Types:


6. View/Edit Users:


7. After you have created these document security settings, some of the changes you will see are:

Special note: Once you have created these security settings, they are retroactive meaning that the doctor or user who is now limited to a particular document type, will not be able to see any previous document types that are now not in his/her security group.