Set Windows Media Player As Default For InQuiry Or InCommand

Most Nuance clients stream audio files through the browser, but clients can elect to use an external media player.  Nuance recommends that users set Windows Media Player 7 or better as the default browser media player. However, after installing some 3rd party media players, like Quicktime, the default media may be changed to that installed application. This can result in a media player that is unable to stream audio, or is missing one of the other features needed by users. For example, Quicktime is unable to adjust playback rate.

008 WMP 00.jpg

In Windows Vista and Windows 7 the Program Defaults application is separated from Add/Remove Programs, and can be selected directly from the Control Panel.

0008 WMO 02A.JPG

Then, select the link to "Set Program Access and Computer Defaults."

008 WmP 02b.jpg

Expand the double down arrows for the Custom section.


Locate the sub-section for "default media player" and choose the Windows Media Player radial option.