Security Error When Playing Audio Files In InQuiry Or InCommand

This error will present itself by opening the Windows Media Player and displaying a security error. In this case the security warning is caused by a certificate error. In order to play audio files, it is first necessary to to repair the certificate.

When there is a certificate problem opening a website, it's typical for a warning screen to open, but it is possible to continue to the website with the option to "Continue to this website (not recommended)."

007 Cert 01.jpg

Continuing to the InQuiry website despite the security warning will allow a user to access the InQuiry website, but the Windows Media Player will not open media files that have been downloaded from websites that have certificate authentication problems. The error looks like this:

007 Cert 03.jpg

In this third image, the address bar is pink. This is another clear indication that the website has a Certificate problem. In the following example the reason that Internet Explorer is unable to properly process the Certificate is because the address that is entered is missing "www."

007 Cert 02.jpg

To resolve the problem, re-enter the correct website address. If you are using a shortcut or a favorite link to access the InQuiry web page it should be deleted and replaced.