Restart The ShadowPrint Service

If you find print jobs are not queueing or spooling as expected then restarting the service is a good first setup in troubleshooting.

Restarting the service can be done in one of two ways:

Restart through the Configuration Utility

1. Open the ShadowPrint Configuration Utility found in Start Menu > All Programs > Emdat > ShadowPrint > ShadowPrint Configuration Utility

2. Press the Stop button shown below:


3. Wait until the Service status changes to "Stopped".

4. Press the Start button shown below:


When the Service status changes to "Running" then the service has been successfully restarted.

Restart through Windows Administrative Tools

1. Go to the Start Menu and select Run.

2. Type: services.msc

3. Press OK.

4. In the window that appears, scroll down to "ShadowPrint". Note: If the list is sorted alphabetically, this service will be in the E's

5. Right-click on this item to bring up a menu and select "Restart" from the options as shown below:

SP Restart.jpg