Problems While Printing, Paper Tray Error Or Manual Feed Error

This article will discuss errors that may occur while printing Transcriptions in InQuiry that result in error messages on your printer similar to a paper tray error which forces you to manually feed paper into the printer.

This error is occurring because the default paper tray is being assigned incorrectly by the InQuiry application. This can be changed by doing the following:

1. Log into InQuiry and navigate to the Home Tab. This is the first tab that opens when you first log in.

2. Click on the Preferences link shown below:


3. In the window that opens there is a drop down menu for "First Page Tray" and "All Other Pages Tray". Use the drop down menu for each to change the selection to "Printer Auto Select" or "Auto Select". The option could be different depending on your printer model: Just make sure you select an option that uses the abbreviation "Auto" instead of the full spelling "Automatically".

After changing the tray in your preferences, you should not receive this error message again. If you still are having problems, please check to see which specific tray the paper should be coming from in your printer. Typically paper trays have numbers printed or stickered on them or near them. Repeat steps 1 through 3 again, except this time, select that specific paper tray from the drop down menu for both trays.

Note: This change will only affect the user that is signed on to InQuiry. It is an individual setting for that user's preferences on that computer. For this reason, any other people who log into InQuiry and print will need to follow these same steps to eliminate the problem under their log-ins as well.