Print Template Info

Nuance builds "Print Templates" to define the layout of a particular style of transcription. An example would be a Progress Note. A print template for a progress note would include: patient demographics, title, body, carbon copies, and signature to the layout of the transcription in the format the client requests. The procedure section defines the steps that are necessary in order to submit a request and also defines the usual time frames. The purpose of the procedure is to facilitate a smooth and expected outcome.

How to Submit
Nuance receives requests for Print Template builds/changes through the Print Template option found at Upon receipt, the request is automatically time stamped by the Print Templates Department. All necessary information to build the print template is required for a successful build/change. The Requester should submit a WORD version of the Print Template specifying the font size, font, spacing and any other custom specification necessary to build the template to the client's needs. If a Word version is not available, a copy (Faxed, etc) can be used with all specifications (font, font size, spacing, etc) written on the sample. Fax (855) 635-3727
Time Frame
The Print Template Team will respond to this request with the following criteria:
  1. Any request regarding new templates or new clients may take up to 7 days to complete. (5 business days)
  2. Fixes to existing client print templates will take priority over any new print template requests.

Fixes are defined as issues whereby a print template does not work properly for a live client.

All new requests will be processed and prioritized based upon the date and time received. Please allow up to 7 days (5 business days) for all new requests. Changes to existing templates are considered as new requests.

Image Files Any images associated with the print template to be built (logos and the like) must be submitted as an image file of 150 dots per inch minimum resolution. The image files types acceptable are JPEGS and TIFFS. If you are not able to submit an image file of the logo or graphic, an original version of the logo or graphic (actual letterhead, etc...) must be sent to Nuance via mail.

Mailing Address
Emdat, Inc. Attn: Ptemplates
328 East Lakeside Street
Madison, WI 53715