Pasted Text Has Incorrect Formatting

This article will discuss an issue that may occur when copying and pasting text into the editor. This error occurs when you mean to replace all of the current text in the editor with pasted text. You select all of the current text and paste the new text over it. Whatever formatting the first line of the original text had will be carried over to the entirety of the pasted text. Please see the images below for a graphical explanation.

Step 1 - Have some original text in the template. Note in this case the first line is bolded.


Step 2 - In an attempt to replace the current text with some pasted text, select all of the current text.


Step 3 - Paste the copied text over the original (in this example the copied text was identical to the original). Note that the bolding of the first line has been carried over to the whole pasted text.


This error is within the editing component in Internet Explorer itself so no resolution can be developed by Nuance directly.

There is an easy work-around for this issue:

When attempting to replace text with copied text, first delete the original text before pasting.

In the graphical example, between Steps 2 and 3; press the Delete or Backspace key on the keyboard before pasting.