Opening a Transcription to View or Edit Opens a Blank Page

This article will discuss a potential fix for an issue with Internet Explorer which can prevent transcriptions from being opened for viewing or editing.

When a transcription is opened in either editing or viewing mode, then a blank page appears. IE might lock up afterwards. If you return to the workflow listing, a script error might be viewable by showing all script errors or double clicking the error notification in the bottom left corner of IE.

This issue is related to a problem with the DLLs of Internet Explorer not being registered in the PC correctly.

First follow the trouble shooting steps here:

If these do not work, then please follow the directions on this website for the fix:


Click the link and depending on what version of IE thay have it will be listed towards the bottom of the page. Watch for the correct version and whether it is 32bit or 64bit. Download it, run it, and close IE, and reopen IE. This should solve the issue. Be sure to check the clients version of IE first and download the appropriate file.