Olympus DS-2 Recording Modes

This article explains how the different recording modes on the Olympus DS-2 recorder affect how the dictation is displayed in the Outstanding Jobs portion of InCommand. The Olympus DS-2 has options to record in stereo and mono. If you record in stereo, the length of the dictation in InCommand will display as 0:00.


To change the settings on the Olympus DS-2, press and hold the menu/set button on the right side of the recorder until the menu displays. Zerorecmode.jpg

With the cursor on REC mode, press the menu/set button again. The following choices become available. Zero1.jpg

If you select either one of the stereo settings, the file is saved as a .wma file. Zero.jpg

Although this type of file will send to the Emdat servers through the InSync program, it does not display the length of the recording under the Outstanding Jobs in InCommand.

Change the record mode to any of the other recording modes and the file is saved as a .dss file and the length of recording will display correctly in InCommand.