Number In Patient Database Upload Does Not Match New Patient Report Or Patient Listing Report Q and A

Q: My Shadowlink confirms that my Patient Database was received by the server. It confirms to me how many patients were uploaded.

1. The New Patient Report shows a much lower number than what ShadowLink uploaded.

2. The Patient Listing Report shows no patients uploaded.

Why is there a discrepancy?

A: Please be assured that all the patients were indeed processed by the server. Part of the processing includes comparing the data of each patient with what is currently stored in the database. If the data matches exactly, no update is made in the server. For this reason, it is possible to process a record and not see an update in the database in anyway.

1. The New Patient Report shows patient records that have been updated in the specified date range. It is correct in showing the lower number that was updated during that time frame. The lower number reflects records whose information did not already match information already in the database exactly.

2. The Patient Listing Report requires that there be a patient appointment in the system for the data to be returned. The result of no records returned is due to the client not using appointment dates in our system.