Nuance InQuiry Auto-Print And Complete

Auto-Print and Complete is designed for InQuiry users who monitor a single workflow folder for transcriptions that need to be printed and completed. When enabled, an Auto-Print and Complete button is available under each folder. Clicking this button will print and complete all transcriptions matching your search criteria and start a timer set at a pre-defined interval. When the timer counts down to zero, the screen will be refreshed and any new transcriptions will automatically be printed and completed.

Enabling Auto-Print and Complete in Preferences

1. This feature is disabled by default. To use Auto-Print and Complete, go to the Home tab in InQuiry and select Preferences.


2. To enable, select the "Auto-Print and Complete" checkbox.

3. By default, the time interval between each Auto-Print and Complete cycle is 5 minutes. The maximum interval is 60 minutes. Use the drop down menu to select to select your preferred time interval in minutes.

4. Select the "Always Show Confirmation Dialog" checkbox if you'd like the following alert to automatically display each time the Auto-Print and Complete feature is activated from the folder.


NOTE: The alert can be disabled at any time by selecting the "do not show this message again" checkbox on the alert dialog or by removing the checkbox in Preferences.

5. Click "OK" to save your Preferences.

Activating Auto-Print and Complete From Workflow Folder

1. Go to the Workflow tab and select the folder you are monitoring.

2. Enter your search criteria and click the Search button for a list of transcriptions. To select all transcriptions from this folder, you only need to click the Search button.

3. Select Activate button.


4. If "Always Show Confirmation Dialog" was checked in Preferences, the alert dialog displays. Click "OK".

5. When the Print dialog displays, select a printer and click the Print button. Any transcriptions meeting your search criteria will be automatically printed and completed.

6. The timer starts and will count down based on the time interval set in Preferences.


7. The Auto-Print and Complete process will repeat. When the timer reaches 00:00, the folder search results are refreshed.

Deactivating Auto-Print and Complete

Once the Auto-Print and Complete feature has been activated, it can be deactivated at any time in one of two ways.

1. Click the Stop button.



2. Navigate to another folder.

The timer will end and the Activate button will be enabled.