Nuance Firewall Test Utility

The Firewall Test Utility is an ActiveX application that is accessed by using your web browser. It will provide information on what IP addresses need to be opened for each port required. You must allow Nuance's ActiveX control to be installed on your computer to successfully run the test program. You will be prompted to install the control the first time you click on the link below.

InQuiry Users

If the Active-X control installed successfully, the utility will test ports 80 and 443 on Nuance's IP addresses. If your test fails for ports 80 and 443, then you need to modify your firewall to allow port 80 and/or 443 traffic to the following IP addresses:

InScribe/InSync Users

If your workstation does not pass the test, then you will need to modify your firewall to allow the specified ports to the IP address. Necessary ports are 42001, 42002, 42003, and 42004. This address is specified in the results of the test and has been included here:

Click the link below to run the test.