No Default Printer Error

The following error message is received whenever a user logs into InQuiry without a printer installed. To repair this error a printer or a program that simulates a printer must be installed.


Open the "Printers and Faxes" management tool.


Verify that there are no printers installed:


If there are no printers installed as in the above picture, a printer, or printer substitute must be installed. If a printer is not available to the PC, a .PDF Printer can be installed to simulate. A free PDF printer can be downloaded and used here. The freeware license is indefinite, but a watermark appears on all documents until the software is paid for. Re-log into InQuiry or InCommand and verify that the error has disappeared and that the Preferences recognize the new printer.

Update: A "No Default Printer Error" can also be linked to a setting in Internet Explorer. To correct this, go into your internet options in Internet Explorer, and select the security tab. Then set your trusted sites security to default level. Restart IE, and retry.