Misspelled Words Are Not Corrected By Spellchecker

This article will discuss some options available to MTs when a misspelled word is found in the InScribe dictionaries. Typically, this is found when a word that is known to be incorrectly spelled is skipped over during the spellcheck.

There are four general troubleshooting methods to fix this issue:

'1. Verify that you do not have the Spelling and Typing option "Check Word Parts" selected.
The option found in InScribe > Options Menu > Spelling and Typing Options > Check Word Parts is NOT selected. This option tends to allow many misspelled words to be missed by the spellchecker. Please follow the images below for the location of this option:

Spelling one.jpg


2. Verify that the word has not been added incorrectly to one of the User Dictionaries. This can be done by following the instructions found here: How to Add, Remove And Edit Words In The User Dictionaries

3. Remove the dictionary that has the incorrectly spelled word. We have found that many incorrectly spelled words are found within the dictionary SSCEMA2.CLX. This includes words drugs with incorrect capitalization and general typos. Unfortunately, this is a 3rd party dictionary that Nuance does not have the ability to edit. Most of the correct words that are in this dictionary are also in other Nuance dictionaries, so you could remove this dictionary from your InScribe.

Instructions for adding and removing dictionaries in InScribe can be found here: How To Add British Dictionaries To InScribe

NOTE: When following the above instructions, you will ONLY want to remove the SSCEMA2.CLX dictionary and not touch the others.

4. Create an AutoText entry that will automatically correct a common misspelling If you find that you consistently misspell a word that the spellchecker does not correctly identify as wrong, then it would be useful to create an AutoText entry that fixes it automatically. Whereas usually AutoText is in the format where a shortened abbreviation expands to a longer word, phrase or passage; you would create an AutoText entry where the wrong version changes to the correct version. Please see the InScribe Manual link on the page below for instructions on how to enter AutoText: