Matching ShadowPrint And Windows Credentials

By default ShadowPrint is installed as a Network Service allowing it to run with no additional credentials. In some cases, ShadowPrint does not have access to the printers it needs unless it runs with the credentials of a user who logs into the computer. This will explain how to run ShadowPrint with a Windows user's credentials. These same steps can be used if the user changes their Window's password so that ShadowPrint and the Windows credentials match correctly.

1. Under the Start Menu select "Run..."

Run 1.jpg

2. Type "services.msc" and click OK.

Services msc.jpg

3. Find "Emdat ShadowPrint" in the list of Local Services.

ShadowPrint service.jpg

4. Right click the service and select Properties.

ShadowPrint properties.jpg

5. Select the Log On tab. Click the radio button for "This Account" and enter the appropriate Windows credentials. Click OK.

ShadowPrint logon.jpg

6. Right click on the service again and this time select Start.

ShadowPrint start.jpg