Manual Reinstall Of InScribe Components

This article will discuss how to perform a manual re-installation of InScribe. This is a good troubleshooting procedure when you are experiencing problems or error messages while opening the program, logging in, or working within the program.

1. Make sure you are signed in as an Admin user on your PC and have turned off any virus scanners or other security software.

2. Go to the folder located in My Computer > C: > Program Files > Emdat

3. Open the folder that matches your latest version of InScribe. For example, your folder might be InScribe_Installer_v4.115.516

NOTE: If you do not have this or a similar folder, then please go to and download and install the most up-to-date version of the program.

4. Inside there will be many files, Double click to run the following in order:

A) EmdatComponents.exe

B) Emdat.Editor.Control.Installer.msi

i. Click on any confirmations if they appear.

C) EmdatSpellcheck.exe

D) InScribeSetup.msi

i. Select "Repair Emdat InScribe"

ii. Click Finish and Close

5. You may now sign in as another user on the PC and turn back on your anti-virus programs if needed.