Manual Configuration Of Infinity USB-1 and 2 Footpedals

This article will show how to manually enter the footpedal configuration information into the INI file when the "Configure a USB Footpedal fails"

1. With InScribe closed, navigate to the InScribe INI file:


2. Edit the file, and add this text to the bottom:


3. With the footpedal connected to the computer, open the registry of the computer with Regedit.

Navigate to:


4. Find the key(s) that begin:


5. Select the path within this key called:


6. Copy the Value Data from this Registry Key. Here is an example (it will be different for each computer)


7. Add this information in the line in the INI file that begins


8. Open InScribe. Test the footpedal. If it does not work and there were other registry keys that began with \##?#HID#VID_05F3&PID then repeat this process for those keys until the resolution is obtained.'

Note that InScribe needs to be closed and reopened after each INI edit.

Example for Registry Key: Reg Example.jpg