Logging Into Training Mode With InScribe

This article demonstrates how to log into Training Mode with the current versions of InScribe.

1. Download and Install Nuance InScribe & InScribe Training Files

Please make sure you are on the most current version of InScribe. You can download the software at:


The first Install Link in the version list will be the most recent. Click to download and follow instructions to install the program.

In the same page, there is an "InScribe Training Materials" section. Click the InScribe Training Files link and follow instructions to install the files.


2. Log in with Training Mode enabled

Once you have installed the most recent version of InScribe, open the program to get to the login window. Before logging in with your information, click on the Options menu below the login fields.


Under Options, there are three checkboxes for login options. Click to check the last box labeled "Login in Training Mode".


3. Starting Training Mode in InScribe

When you log in with "Login in Training Mode" enabled, you will be prompted to select the lesson plan you want to start training under.

Click on Basic Training and click Next.


In the next window, eight training lessons will already be checked. Click Finish to start Training Mode.


This is how InScribe looks in Training Mode. Note the yellow and green highlight at the top signifying that you are in Training Mode.


Press F2 on your keyboard to begin the first training file. It will walk you through the training process with the audio.