Installed Training Files Do Not Appear in InScribe

Installed Training Files Don't Appear in InScribe

On some installations of InScribe, after installing the training files they may appear in a different folder on the PC. This article will help troubleshoot this problem.

After completing the install of the training files and you start InScribe in Training Mode you see this:


You installed the training files but they are not showing up.  When this happens the training files are usually installed to a different location on your PC.

You can try to locate them by searching for the .trn file extension, using the following steps:


  1. Log out of InScribe.
  2. Open up windows explorer, click on the c:\drive and in the search box type “*.trn”. The search will run and may take a bit to find the files. Let the search run to the end.

  3. When the search completes you should see where the training files are located. In the example below, the training files are in the c:\users\[user name]\AppData\Emdat folder.

  4. Go to the location on the PC where the “Training” folder is found.
  5. Right click on the folder and choose “Cut”.

  6. Go to this location on your PC: C:\Program Files (x86)\InScribe

  7. Open the InScribe folder, right click, and choose “Paste”. The files will then be moved to this location

  8. After pasting you should now see the “Training Folder”

  9. Start InScribe again and you should now see the training files.

If you are unable to find the training files using either of these solutions, try re-installing the files again. If you are still unable to find them, open up a ticket the support team for further assistance.