Inserting Non-Standard Characters Into InScribe

Non-Standard characters are letters, numbers, or other symbols that are not found on a typical keyboard layout. For this example, I'll use the Greek lower case character alpha. Some clinicians may request non standard characters inserted into their transcriptions.

In order to access these characters we use a applet that comes standard with Windows. Inscribe has a shortcut to the applet by accessing the Tools menu, and selecting the option, "Open Character Map." Nsc - inscribemap.jpg Once in Character Map applet, find and select the character(s) that you want to paste into the document. Nsc - charmap.jpg

Select "Copy" Using the keyboard short cut "CTRL + V" to paste, insert the character(s) into the document


Insert the character into your Autotext and have a quick easy way to insert them. Nsc - autotext.jpg