InSync4 The Record New Dictation Feature In InSync Does Not Upload Or Record All The Dictations In Windows Vista

This article addresses an issue with InSync's ability to save & upload dictations recorded using the "Record New Dictation" feature.


Record new.jpg

This issue has only been seen in Windows Vista and it's a problem with long file names. The fix involves using a shorter path name for the dictation files. Please follow the steps below if you are experiencing this issue.

1. With InSync running, right click on the InSync icon in the taskbar and select "Change Client Connection Information". Then type in the password for your client.


2. Select the "Advanced Options" tab from the client configuration screen. On this screen enter a new path for dictations to be uploaded from. We recommend the one shown below to keep the path small and in line as to what InSync currently names the folder "Dic". Then select "OK" at the bottom.


You can now use InSync as normal and the files will all save and upload correctly. Remember you can always double check your dictations by using the "Dictation Log" feature in InSync or by checking your outstanding dictations to be typed in InQuiry.