InSync4 Setting Up A Removable Media Device In InSync

This article gives directions on how to configure a removable media device for the purpose of downloading recorded dictations through the Nuance InSync program. This is an alternative way of possibly configuring a digital voice recorder that is not supported by the InSync program. Using the removable media device option will also allow some extra configurations options like user name, document type and location to an unsupported recorder that was previously unavailable.

** Special Note** Although we can support certain types of recorders that are not listed on our list of supported recorders, we cannot guarantee that any unsupported recorder will work. Some known types of file extensions that do work are .dss, .wav, .wma, .mp3, msv, or .sri.

After you have installed the software for the recording device ( if applicable ) and installed the InSync program ( ) take the following steps:

Step #1. Right click on the InSync Icon on the task bar and choose "Change Client Connection Information".


Step #2. Choose "External Audio Sources" under the "Dictations and Transcriptions" area and check the box next to "Removable Media".


Step #3. Click on "OK" and go back to the "Change Client Connection Information" by right clicking on the task bar icon as noted in Step #1. Select "Configure Removable Media" this time.


Step #4. Click the recorder listed in the "Available Devices" box ( #1 below ) and the available folders will appear below the main drive in the "Folder:" box ( # 3 below ). In this example the folder is F: with New Folder, New Folder (2) and New Folder (3).


Step #5. Double-click on the folder you want to use to upload audio files.

Step #6. Configure the User, the Document Type, and Location if applicable.

Step #7. If you would like to configure another folder then click on the green plus sign ( #2 on diagram ) and follow steps #5 and #6.

NOTE: The "Include files inside subfolders of this folder" option ( #4 under Step #7 ) can be used if you want all subfolders to have the same information as the main folder. You cannot have subfolders with different document types.

Step #8. Click Ok to apply changes and exit out of the configuration pop-up.

Step #9. You can now connect the recorder to your computer's USB cable and any dictations should automatically download.

** Warning ** Anything that connects to drive F and has been configured by InSync as a removable device that has audio files in the drive path specified as InSync audio files, could potentially be downloaded then uploaded if it has been configured by InSync as a removable device. An example of this would be connecting a flash drive with .mp3 audio files on it that you have previously configured as a removable device.