InSync4 No Olympus Recorder Was Found (Scenario 2)

Some Digital Voice Recorders have multiple card slots that can contain flash memory. However, when these additional slots are empty, Windows, under correct circumstances can assign multiple devices the same logical drive letter. When this happens, InSync and Windows will be unable to correctly download audio files from the recorder.

This error will present by potentially working one time, but on subsequent attempts it will appear to do nothing. If the user chooses to manually force InSync to upload from recorder, the following error message will display:

004 NoRec 01.jpg

Additionally, the user will have difficulty configuring the recorder if an attempt is made to do so.

To determine if the reason for this error is caused by having multiple devices assigned the same logical drive letter compare the drives displayed under "My Computer" with those in the Disk Management Administrative tool.

Disk Management can be found by going to the Control Panel and choosing the option in Classic View for Administrative Tools. In this category, choose the option for Computer Management, and select the Snap-In tool Disk Management. The Administrative Tools are also available through the Performance and Maintenance section of the Category View of the Control Panel.

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management.

004 NoRec 03.jpg

In this example, an Olympus DS-5000 has been assigned two Logical Drive Letters E:\ and F:\. Note that there is also a Network Drive on this machine that has also been assigned the drive letter F:\.

004 NoRec 02.jpg

To resolve this problem, the Olympus recorder drive which is empty, containing no memory card, must be assigned a Drive Letter that does not belong to an existing Drive, network or otherwise. To do this, go back to the Disk Management Utility and right click on the drive marked removable media that has been double assigned. Choose the option to "Change Drive Letter and Paths."

004 NoRec 04.jpg

The next window will open; choose the option to "Change." Select a drive letter that is not in use, in this example, Q:\.

004 NoRec 05.jpg

Unplug the recorder and restart InSync. Plug the recorder back in to upload jobs normally.

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