InSync4 InSync Will Not Upload My Dictations

Here are a list are some of the reasons InSync may not be uploading dictations to check.

  1. Verify you have an active internet connection.
  2. Make sure the batteries in the recorder are good.
  3. Make sure Insync is running and is logged in, if it is you will notice a gray icon near your time clock in the bottom right corner of windows. Insyncicon.jpg You may need to press << near the icons to expand it to see the Insync one. You can hover your mouse over the icons until you find the one that says InSync. When you find it, you should see something like ______ on machine ______ below where it says InSync. The first blank represents your company code, and the second represents the name of the computer you are on. If you see this, then you should be logged in. If you do not see the InSync icon, please click on your start button, go up to program files, find the Emdat section, and click on Insync to launch it.
  4. Make sure ports 42001-42004 are open in your firewall software, and also the firewall in your router if you have one. Nuance uses these ports to operate and firewalls can block them. We have a port tester program you can run that will test for the ports Nuance uses to see if they are being blocked at by clicking on the "Firewall Test Utility" at the bottom of the page. If the ports are found to be blocked, please reference your firewall or routers documentation on how to configure these settings.
  5. Make sure you have read and write access to the Emdat directory on the computer that you are uploading from. If you are using a computer on a controlled network you will need to have these permissions. Please verify this with your IT department.
  6. Make sure when you plug in your recorder windows recognizes it. When you plug in the recorder windows normally makes an audible alert sound letting you know it detects a USB device connected, and also pops up a little message box or symbol change near your time/taskbar icons letting you know it detects a USB device being connected. If you are not hearing/seeing any of this please refer to this article. InSync Can Not See The Recorder