InSync4 InSync Shared Configuration

This article will explain how to configure InSync so that you can set-up the program once and all users on the computer will be affected. This is very useful when you have many users who have separate logins to a computer and all need access to upload dictations. This can alleviate the burden of needing to log into each User Profile on the computer and running the configuration for each person.

1. Log into the computer as an administrator.

2. Install the InSync software found here:

3. When you first run the software, it will ask for your client code, password, and export password. Enter this information to bring up the full client configuration window.

4. Click on the "Advanced Options" tab and click the blue link to view the advanced options as shown below: Insync adv options.jpg

5. Uncheck the option "Enable User Profiles" as shown below. This will bring up a dialog informing you that InSync needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect. Click "OK" on that window.

Insync enable user profiles.jpg 6. Click "OK" at the bottom of the Client Configuration window to close it.

7. Right click on the InSync Icon in your taskbar as shown below and select "Exit" from the menu. Insync icon.jpg

8. Locate your Nuance shared documents directory: Vista: C:\Users\Public\Documents XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents Windows 7: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents

9. Right Click on the Emdat Folder and select Properties.

10. Click on the Security Tab (if you do not see this tab, contact your system administrator or read the note listed in step 11 if you have administrator access).

11. Assign Full control to the users of the computer. Vista: Select the "Everyone" Group and click Edit. Check the option "Full Control" in the Allow column. Click "OK" in the two windows. XP: Select the "Users" group and click "Full Control" in the Allow column. Click "OK". Windows 7: Click on the Edit button, add the user "Everyone" to the users list. Go back to the Security tab and give user Everyone Full Control.

Note:If you do not see the Security Tab do the following:

a) Exit the Properties dialog by clicking "Cancel".

b) In the Explorer window which is currently open, click on the Tools menu and select Folder Options. c) Click on the View Tab and uncheck the option "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" d) Click "OK" and restart at Step 9.

12. It is recommended that you have the InSync program start when the computer boots. The shared configuration does not include this startup setting. If you would like for this setting to be carried over to all users follow Steps 13 through 15. Otherwise, skip to Step 16.

13.In Windows XP and Vista, right click on the Start Menu and select "Explore All Users" as shown below:

Explore all users.jpg

In Windows 7, open the Start Menu, and right click on "All Programs", and click on "Open all Users" as shown below. 3-9-2012 3-40-15 PM.png

14. Navigate to Programs > Startup.

15. Copy a shortcut of the InSync application found at C:\Program Files\Emdat\Upload\Upload.exe into this Startup folder.

16. Restart InSync. It can be found under the Start Menu in All Programs > Emdat > Emdat InSync or in the location in Step 15.

17.Right click on the InSync icon pictured in Step 7 and select "Change Client Connection Information" pictures below.

Insync menu.jpg

18. Enter the password for your client from Step 3.

19. Complete your configuration of the InSync application. These settings will now be shared by all users who log into the computer. Now any user who logs into the computer will have the settings you make in Step 19 be reflected in the program under his or her username.