InSync4 InSync Cannot Connect To Server

This article will discuss some basic troubleshooting that can be performed when InSync consistently displays an error message stating that it cannot connect to the server and will work offline.

This error message might come up when you first start up InSync, attempt to upload files, or when you go exit the Client Configuration.

Follow these steps to attempt to troubleshoot this problem:

A) Restart the application to see if it will connect:

1. Close InSync by right clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen and selecting "Exit". If a message displays warning that files will not be sent when the program is closed, just click "Yes".

2. Re-start the InSync application. It can be found here: Start Menu > All Programs > Emdat > InSync

B) Check your firewall ports to see if the communication is being blocked:

1. Go to our port tester at this website: Nuance Firewall Test Utility

2. If ports are reported as closed then make sure you open them and follow the instructions in A) to try to connect again.

C) Check to see if you can Ping our servers and the performance.

1. Go to Start Menu > Run and type in Command and press Enter.

2. In the Command terminal, type the following code and press enter: ping

The resulting screen should look like this:

Pingtime.jpg Pingtime.jpg

Please note the information that the red arrows point to. Packets Lost higher than 0 or very large numbers in the Average time (above 300 ms) could be the problem.

3. Repeat Step 2) substituting the information typed for:

ping ping

4. If you have lost packets during these tests, there might be a problem with your internet connection. Please contact your internet service provider.

D) Increase the Server Time Out interval:

1. Click on the InSync icon in the lower right and select "Change Client Connection Information".

2. Type in the password for your client.

3. In the Server tab, type 120 into the field "Server Time-Out:" as shown below:


4. Click "OK". If you do not receive the error about not connecting to the server then this setting fixed the problem.

Following these steps are especially useful if your internet connection to our servers is slow. With the default settings, if the connection takes longer than 30 seconds then it will return the message that it has failed. By increasing the amount of time it waits before failing, you can compensate for a slower response.