InSync4 InSync Can Not See The Recorder

Here is a list of some things you can try to help resolve the computer not seeing the recorder.

  1. Make sure you have installed the driver software that came with the recorder, and under InSync's configuration setting the correct recorder model is checked in the recorder section.

  2. Make sure there is no icon for a program called Device Detector listed to the right of you taskbar near you time clock, if there is right click on it and close/exit it.

  3. Go to your start button in windows, scroll up to programs, find the section that says startup, and make sure Device Detector is not listed there. If you see a shortcut for Device Detector listed there, right click on it and delete the shortcut.

  4. When you plug in the recorder windows normally makes an audible alert sound letting you know it detects a USB device connected, and also pops up a little message box or symbol change near your time/taskbar icons letting you know it detects the device. If you are not hearing/seeing any of this try these steps.

    • Make sure the recorder is turned on and try a different USB port on the PC.
    • If you are using a cradle to dock your recorder in, remove the cable from the cradle and plug it directly into the recorder.
    • Make sure the USB cable is connected fully to computer and recorder.
    • Some recorders like to use drive letter E, if you currently have a drive mapped or another device using drive letter E: your computer may not see the recorder. Check with your IT staff and see if a change can be made to free up your E: so that the recorder can use it.
    • For recorders that use memory cards, make sure the recorder device has its Secure Digital Card (SD Card) properly inserted.